World’s Most Outrageous Selfie – a Brazilian Pilot in Dubai Sticks His Head out of the Cockpit!

A Brazilian Pilot (Ganso) has posted a selfie while flying a plane. In his infamous selfie, he had his head weirdly overhanging from the cockpit.

In a selfie that was never seen before, the world has gone bonkers naturally the photo has gone viral.

This photo has amassed 15,000 likes and has become sticky pad for comments.

Pilot’s twitter handle @pilotganso is where you can take a peek into the life of this renegade pilot.

While you may be dying to visit Palm Jumeirah, here’s a man who took a selfie while flying atop it with his head jutting out of the cockpit.

Many have also accused this man of morphing a photo using a technology called Green screen.

It basically helps you change the background your image like it was actually captured by camera. It is widely used in the media industry.

Logically speaking, sticking your head out from a speeding car will make your head and hand wobble.

Taking a selfie would be close to impossible. Now imagine doing the same from a plane flying 10 times the speed of a car and capturing an immaculate selfie. Take a look, what do you guys think?

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