World-Class Film Directors Gather in Riyadh to Pave Saudi’s Film Future

The movies provide the perfect space for escape and relaxation. As such, they need to be protected, nurtured and grown in order to always provide what we most need. It is in this breath that the “1000 Dialogues” conference has been arranged to be held on 12th of November in Riyadh, at the Apex Convention Center and also at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center.

The conference dabbed “Film and Production: From Viewer to Filmmaker was organised by Abeer Al-Fouti and is aimed at improving and nourishing the film industry in Saudi Arabia as a big part of entertainment on the kingdom.  In order to learn the best, the cream of the crop in the film industry has been invited to speak. The guest list includes producers, directors and experts in the film industry both local and international.

The rich guest like will feature personalities like Colin Vaines, who is a British filmmaker and winner of an Emmy Award for Television production in works like “The Young Victoria” and “Gangs of New York”, will be the keynote speaker. Ali Kalthami will also grace the event. Kalthami is a Saudi film director, producer and co-founder of the TV11 and C3 films. Ahd Kamel, the Saudi actress and director is also expected to be at the event. She won the first Gold Award in 2012 at the Beirut International Film Festival for the “Al- Banawi” short film, which was crowned Best Film at the 2016 Berlin Festival.

Al- Fouti, in an interview about the upcoming event, noted that the film industry has seen quite some great successes for those involved even in the lack of cinemas in the kingdom. she went on to note that if the industry was rebooted, it would not only create jobs for the population but would also be a good place to nurture upcoming talent as proved by the films that have been featured in international and local film festivals. . It would also entice foreign investors who wold boost the country’s economy and also share the kingdom’s culture.

Besides major film makers and actors, citizens have also enriched the arts by posting videos on YouTube that have garnered over a million views. It is this group that has been invited to the convention to enrich the conversations to be had as well as shed new light on the industry.

Source: Arab News

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