Private Sectors Introduces New Work Schedule in Saudi Arabia: 40 Hours Work Week + 2 Days Off

Employees of the private sector in Saudi Arabia stand a chance to enjoy a two-day weekend and only work 40 hours a week, pending confirmation by King Salman. This is as a result of the vote done by the Shoura Council. For the second time, the Shoura Council has tried to push for these working hours in an effort to amend articles 98,100, 104 of the Saudi Labor Law.

More than 8.4 million members of the Saudi workforce, which includes citizens and expatriates, support this motion. This is because as it stands, the hours they work per week tend to drain them and do not afford them much of a social life. However, as would be expected, most companies, investors, and employers are against it as it robs them some level of profit gained from the extra hours.

The government, last year, shut down this proposal, with the response being that the council should review and reconsider the hours proposed, as well as the two-day weekend idea. As it stands, more than 2 million of the workforce referred to above works in the private sector. Currently, these workers end up working 9 hours per day, though the hours are not meant to surpass 45 hours per week. After this long, tedious week of work, they only get one day off and have to start all over again in the next week. So for almost two years now, the private sector workforce has been waiting for the approval of this proposal to no avail.

This is why the Shoura Council has seen it fit to revive this proposal and see if, this time, they shall not only be heard but be considered and their wishes be granted by the government. Many are hoping that the bill will be accepted and acted upon this time around, and letting the workers avail this privilege.

h/t Emirates 24/7

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