VP Leni Robredo Has Angered Presidential Sister Jocelyn Duterte and Said Something Unusual.

Jocelyn Duterte on December 9 criticized Vice President Leni Robredo who planned to led the opposition against President Duterte.

The Presidential sister gave an advice to Leni to wake up because she believes that the Vice President was only used by the Liberal Party to clean their image. She warned the VP that someday her image would be tainted because of protecting the interest of her party.

“Ms. Robredo, dimo mo pa rin ba ma gets na ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowtards na “deodorant”!!!… Baka pagdating ng araw ikaw na ang mangagamoy” Duterte wrote.

Duterte also expressed her disliked on the “all talk no action” of the Vice President and non-sense statement against the government where she belongs.

“Sa ngayon puro ka dada, wala naman katuturan,haay buti pa buang may gamot, pero **** wala!” she added.

Last week, Vice President Leni Robredo was barred to attend all the Cabinet Meeting that forced herself to resign as HUDCC Secretary. Now she’s planning to become the leader of the opposition so the ‘president would listen to them’.