‘Virgin’ Caves: The Next Big Tourist Destination in Saudi Arabia, Experts Say

An interesting discovery took place in Saudi which could potentially turn it into hot-bed for biologist, archaeologists and historians. Titled as ‘virgin’ caves, there are multiple cavities and lava tubes that have become a home to various unregistered species. Although many Saudi Bedouins are familiar with caves and have using it for shelter, virgin caves is said to bring one of most intriguing discoveries ever.

Additionally, Saudi Geologist Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shanty said that the lava field spanned across 89,000 sq kms in area contain long tranches of lava tubes. All of these could provide useful insight to climate scientists about weather pattern in the peninsular region and the process of desertification.

Moreover, Dr. Daniel Fisher from the University of Michigan, USA said the techniques that Saudi has employed to discover these caves were similar to those used for discovering biological history of elephants. Many shocking revelation relation to flora and fauna history has been unearthed by this discovery.

It is reason to celebrate because this opportunity can rake millions in tourism and will offer priceless insights on the history of Saudi.


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Dr. Iyad Zalmout of the Saudi Geological Survey revealed that he and his team collected 62 samples from An-Nafud desert, which revealed information about the prevailing environment in ancient times.

He said: “We found bones of deer, horses, giraffes, zebras, ostrich and birds, and the amazing thing is that we found bones of a giant elephant that used to live there when the region was still a green rainforest.”

Zalmout called for intensifying research and studies in this field that can eventually unveil a very important historic period of geological nature in the Arabian Peninsula.

Source: Arab News

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