Here’s Why Bad Language and Leaving a Mess, are Traits of Intelligent People

Traits of intelligent people: Being intelligent is one of the things that most people aspire to be in their life. If in your childhood you had to fight with your parents every other night so that you can go to bed early, most of the times you had to use foul language and leaving a mess everywhere was you way of life, then you are very intelligent. This is according to a study that has been conducted by a number of experts.

Bad Language is Common with Intelligent People

The general assumption out there is that the illiterate people are the ones who use bad language due to their limitation as far as vocabulary goes. However, this is not the case, the people who have minimal education rarely use bad words.

South American Academics conducted a rather interesting research, where they asked people to try and remember as many curse words as possible. Shockingly, the people with the highest IQ levels remembered most of the words. They had a high number of swear words, unlike those who did not have such a high IQ.

Fortunately, intelligent people know where to use the right words and will also detect when they should be quiet.

Intelligent People are Nocturnal

Most people with great talents and a high level of intelligence do not seem to go to bed early. Some experts have studied this pattern and concluded that these people who tend to want to stay awake at night have a higher level of intelligence, than an average person. The likes of Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Elvis Presley did not sleep early. So if you are a late sleeper, then you might as well be intelligent.

Chaos and a Messed Environment is Part of their Life

University of Minnesota carried out a survey and arrived at an interesting conclusion; anytime you find a person with a messy desk, this means that their minds are focused on the most important items. In most cases, those who have neat work stations are the ones who have nothing really important to do with their time. So when you find someone who has a messy environment, you will be looking at an intelligent being.

The experts in psychology concluded that when someone is in a place that is cluttered, the creative mood is stimulated. This is how new ideas are generated and it triggers out-of-the-box thinking. And thisĀ is why bad language and leaving a mess, are traits of intelligent people.

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