Traffic Police Warn Women Against Unauthorized Opportunistic Driving Instructors in Saudi Arabia

The spokesman of the General Department of Traffic, Col. Tareq Al-Rbean, warned Saudi women to be aware of some people who may exploit them under the guise of teaching them how drive or advertising female driving instructors.

Al-Rbean stressed in a phone call on Monday with the Rotana “Hala” TV show that “women should not be in a hurry to learn how to drive through unauthorized offices. Authorized offices will be announced soon.”

Col. Al Rben had revealed that many unauthorized offices were recently training women how to drive, including offices in the Eastern Province, and warned that these offices would be penalized and exposed to the media, according to Sabq electronic newspaper.

He further noted that establishing authorized driving schools for women would not take more than a month once the ministerial committee finalizes the necessary regulations.



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Furthermore, he said that tests for drivers’ licenses for women would consist of two stages: Theoretical and practical.

Al-Rbean stressed that the traffic department would not hesitate to penalize any person or company without the proper authorization to train women on driving.

Source: Arab News

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