A Fine of SR 150 for Spitting on The Street of Saudi Arabia

Anyone that is caught spitting on the streets or throwing trash from their cars in Saudi Arabia will be subjected to pay a fine of SAR 150. This is irrespective of whether the person is a local citizen or an expatriate. This information was gathered from the Makkah Arabic daily, which quote an announcement from the department of Traffic. An appeal has been made to all the residents of the Kingdom to show some decorum when they are in public. The monetary fine that has been imposed is meant to be a warning for those who have the habit of littering the streets with garbage and saliva.

According to the traffic department, littering and spitting is now a traffic violation, which is punishable by law. This is in in the 4th category of the list of violations and penalties released by the traffic department. This has been categorized and the violation known as, “Throwing of objects from a vehicle while driving.”

For this particular violation, the minimum amount of monetary fine is SR 100 and the maximum fine payable is SR 150. There have been a number of studies that have been conducted and all of them have confirmed that littering and spiting on the streets are some of the most dangerous forms of environment pollution. The littering included industrial and food leftovers, which most motorists are not hesitant to throw from their vehicles.

The Traffic Department said littering or spitting is a traffic violation that comes under the Fourth Category on the list of traffic violations and penalties. It comes under the title “Throwing objects from vehicles while driving”. – Arab News

The health organization has also carried out a research and it confirmed that over 70% of all the airborne diseases like bronchitis and tuberculosis are transmitted when infected people spit saliva aimlessly, in public places. When the spitting is done, some of the bacteria like the one for tuberculosis can last for several months, especially in places where there is insufficient lighting. Unfortunately, the bacteria multiply rapidly and are transmitted through dust and the air.

In other separate studies there has been a clear conclusion that the amount of money that is spent in cleaning the environment and treating it from the pollution is about 10% of the GNP, in Arabian Gulf Countries. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not exceptional and a huge sum is spent from the Gross National Product to contain the pollution, every year. In view of this new law, if the police catch anyone spitting or throwing litter, they are supposed to fine them on the spot. As it stands, good citizens have been making reports and complaints to the police department on spitting and littering incidents in public places.

Pollution has adverse effects on the environment and the community as well and the cost of eradicating it is quite exorbitant. It is upon all mindful citizens to protect the environment from any form of pollution. In order to get rid of this problem, there has to be a commitment and a conscious effort from everyone. It is a collective responsibility and everyone should participate to ensure that the earth is protected, and a better place.

There are so many countries around the world that are faced with this issue of pollution. As a result, they have to deal with so many diseases and ailments that seem to have permanent roots in all generations. This is a dangerous trend and can cause an epidemic demise of an entire nation. Everyone should be aware of this and understand the significance of pollution, whether it is from big companies or an ordinary citizen.

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