Body of a Newborn Baby Girl Found in a Garbage Bin in Sharjah

A newborn girl was believed to be strangled to death by her parents after a garbage collector found her body in a Sharjah landfill on October 7.

According to Khaleej Times report, the garbage collector saw the body in Al Sajjah landfill and quickly contacted police authorities.

The preliminary investigation showed the baby was just two days old and choked by someone to death.

Authorities also revealed that the baby sustained “severe damage in the skull” after her head was smashed against a hard object.

They believe the baby was an offspring of a woman out of wedlock.

Fingerprints and other forensic evidence from the site were collected to identify the possible parents of the dead baby.

The forensic laboratory has already obtained the body of the baby for further investigation.

The parents will face premeditated murder and adultery once arrested.

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