Sri Lankan Housemaid Finally Gets SR88,600 Salary Dues From Saudi Employer After 17 Long Years

Every once in a while, justice does happen for the meek. This was proved when a Sri Lankan housemaid was paid her dues after a long struggle. The justice may have come 17 years too late but considering the amount, it was as timely as it could ever be.

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In 2000, 27 year- old K.G Kusumawathi came to Saudi Arabia looking for work in order to provide for her then two-year- old daughter Hansika Sewwandi and four year-old son Thushitha Madusha whom she’d left in her home country.

By grace, she found work as a shepherdess 40 km away from Taif, in a small village called Ateef on the Riyadh-Taif highway.

As it were, her sponsor paid her SR400 dully for the first four years without missing a payment.

However, after this, it became hard for her to get her salary and was never allowed to go back home, even after the contracted period was over as is the law in the Kingdom.

Well, authorities caught up with the story recently after a compliant was made six months ago by Thalatha Atukorale, the Minister for Foreign Employment and the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment to Colombo.

The authorities then worked hard to track down the in cooperation with Taif governorate and succeeded then brought the maid into the mission.

The sponsor was tracked down and made to pay the SR38, 600 that she had at hand and the remainder of SR 50,000 was paid thereafter.

This amount set the record for the highest compensation paid to an expat worker in the island.

With the issue addressed, the Sri Lankan maid was granted permission to go home. She was reunited with her family, finding her children all grown.

The SLBFE media spokesman, Nalin Rajapaksa, expressed his gratitude to the kingdom’s authorities as well as the Sri Lanka consulate in Jeddah for the cooperation to see to it that the maid was paid and sent back home.

Source: Arab News

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