Emirates ID Can Now be Used for Entry or Exit in UAE at Dubai Terminal 3

The introduction of the Smart E-Gate service allows all the UAE residents to use their Emirates ID at the airport, in Dubai, Terminal 3. This is good news since it saves you the trouble of having to wait in the long queues to have clearance using your passport. This must be the fastest way to go through passport clearance and it saves you a whole lot of time when you are traveling.

It is now evident that the extra Dhs35 terminal fee that one has to be when leaving the Dubai airport is worthwhile; you do not have to wait for so long at the airport.

Using Emirates ID at E-Gate Terminals

First of all lets us look at the normal process so that you can appreciate the E-Gate service. In the normal procedure, you have to go through the immigration control. The officers in the immigration will take your passport and flight ticket and stamp it before entering or leaving UAE.

With the E-Gate service, you will just need to use your Emirates ID and swipe at the machines placed on E-Gates. There are over 28 E-Gate machines at the terminal and you are required to swipe only once. The service is offered at no extra cost and you will not be required to register as long as you have your Emirates ID.

The deputy director-general of the GDRFA, Major General Obaid Muhair Bin Surour, said that the E-Gate service is available to all the citizens and residents who already have an Emirates identification card. The new service has only been implemented at the Emirates Airline Terminal 3, and 28 E-Gates are already in place.

“The new project has been implemented in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority to further improve our services and ensure a pleasant and smooth experience for all passengers,” he added.

He also emphasized, “The service will soon be activated in all other terminals as well. As part of the first phase, we have implemented it at the arrival wing of Terminal three, but in the following phases of the project the service will be activated in Terminals one, two, and three at both the arrivals and departures wings.”

So if you want to save time when you arrive at the airport, just produce your Emirates ID and you will bypass the conventional passport clearance procedures. Make sure you give the new E-Gate service a try the next time you are at the airport.

Source: Dubai OFW