Saudi Citizens Must Have Return Tickets Before Travelling to Philippines

As life has it, we tend to forget the most important things; especially when they are most needed.

This almost always lands us in a pickle that is hard to impossible to come out of.

This is why the Saudi government has taken it upon itself to remind its citizens to remember to carry their return tickets while travelling to the Philippines; to avoid any hassle and be able to enter the country.




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According to the new regulations in the Philippines, foreigners can no longer enter the country unless they have their return tickets with them.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Maroul, the General Director of public relations and Information in the Interior Ministry therefore urged Saudi citizens to ensure that they adhere to this new regulation by ensuring that they have their return tickets with them.

He continued to urge airlines and travel officers to remind and ensure that all citizens have their return tickets when they board flights headed to the Philippines to avoid them being denied entry.

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