This Labor Recruitment Service in Saudi Has Already Benefited 1 Million Domestic Workers

According to an announcement made by The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, 933,608 Kingdom residents have come forward to register for the domestic workers recruitment service.

The ministry’s spokesman, Khalid Aba Al-Khail, directed people to, a site that will be able to show the applicants which offices and companies have received the license to carry out the recruitment services.

In addition to this, the site also allows customers to learn about domestic workers’ and employers’ rights as well as what is required of the two parties during the stipulated contract period. Additionally, the site has the available professions and nationalities listed for recruitment.

Aba Al-Khail pointed out that this program was a means of fashioning and framing the relationship between domestic workers and their employers, an initiative by The Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

The underlying reasons include the desire to cut on recruiting costs, deliver quality of the service to its citizens and residents and ensure the continuity of this market among other reasons.

The site provided also offers its users access to forms and documents pertaining to household employment. It warns against dealing with institutions, people and agencies that purport to provide supportive services.

In addition to this, the spokesman also drew attention to the site’s provision of mechanisms for filing complaints and reporting of any problems that are encountered within the recruiting process while using the official channels provided for this.

Source: Arab News


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