Pediatrician by day, barista by night, Saudi doctor rids off stereotypes

Dr. Basi Al-Tami is an exemplary role model for youth in Saudi. He works two jobs; a pediatrician by the day and coffee maker by the night. Dr. Basi hails from Qasim region works at contrasting jobs and does not shy away from his passion despite being told otherwise.

At the moment, Saudi youth is facing the wrath of unemployment partly because of their inflated dignity. A reputed child doctor has broken all stereotypes by taking the role of a coffee-maker which is considered paltry by every Saudi national.

During the day until 3.30pm, Dr. Basi is wears the shoe of a doctor and between 6pm till 11pm he pursues his calling of becoming gourmet coffee-maker.

He said that building and learning new skill must be taken seriously should one choose to become highly employable.

He also said, time management is the key to juggling between two jobs. It may be formidable at the start but once the ball start rolling, it becomes easier to roll with the punches.

He has become the ideal role model for Saudi youth who is pursuing his dream along with his profession.

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