Saudi Dentist face the wrath of unemployment despite high demand

A wave of chaos has emerged on Twitter by Saudi Dentist expressing their disappointment with the government. Lots of dental graduate from King Abdul Aziz University are unemployed. Despite market need, there is a pinch for vacancies in public as well private institutions. Most of nationals who are unemployed have graduated with an honorary degree and still facing the brunt end of the stick.

Also, despite market need for dentist, there is an acute shortage of vacancies for Saudi nationals. Most of them said that expats have been dominating the industry blocking Saudi national’s entry into the institutions.

Statistically it was revealed that a total of 26 dentistry universities are located in the kingdom. Every year about 3000 graduate with a dental degree. One despondent dentist, Shahad Hakim was dicey about her employment with the Ministry but felt the rug move beneath her feet when she wasn’t able to secure a job with public hospital as well. What further added to her amazement is when this King Abdul Aziz graduate moved to Riyadh for greener pasture but did not get a job there as well.

To immediately tackle this issue, Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with Ministry of labor and social development to completely stop recruitment of expats as dentist in public as well as private institutions.

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