KSA Gains Alarming Rates of Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Traffic Accidents in the World.

King Fahd Medical City –KFMC, is one of the leading hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi. The hospital mainly specializes in rehabilitation from different issues. Yasser Al-Mahmoud is one of the specialist doctors at KFMC and he was asked to comment on the recent publication that indicated that over 8% of the entire population had some form of disability.

In his remarks, Yasser Al-Mahmoud said that road accidents were the main causes of the injuries that people suffer from. Shockingly, he revealed that KSA records the highest number of those who suffer from spinal injuries. In every 1 million people, 62 people are affected. Saudi is currently ranked first in the world for human and material losses as well as disabilities. The Kingdom ends up losing over SAR 26 billion every year, due to road accidents. The accidents are adverse in that approximately 16 people die and 35 others suffer from serious injuries every day. This is the contributing factor to the high number of people with disabilities.

Doctor Yasser Al-Mahmoud made his remarks at the World Disability Day event. The main theme for the event was aimed at ensuring people see disability as a challenge and not a limitation. There were internal as well as external participants in the event at KFMC. Al-Mahmoud mentioned that the hospital had treated 1,728 patients this year with 896 patients being first timers. The hospital data shows that outpatient clinics were 5,092.

There were 30, 678 patients who received treatment through rehabilitation, while 50,278 patients came in for physiotherapy treatment. 364 patients come for consultation, while 378 were admitted at the hospital.

The World Disability Day event was used to promote the integration of the disabled people into the society. This was according to the head of the organizing committee for the event, Manal Al-Gouth. He made clear that the people who suffer from various disabilities are part of the society and they have a role to play. He urged everyone to accommodate the disabled and engage them in various activities without any discrimination



Source: Arab News

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