Philippines’ OEC Application Is Now Suspended, Benefits Filipino Expats

A 17 days suspension from November 13th until December 1st, 2017 has been put on issuance and acceptance of Overseas Employment Certificates for Filipinos. This news came to light when a post was put on Philippines Embassy UAE Facebook page. Rapid inflow of illegal immigrants warranted the need for such reform. Unsolicited and illegal recruitment has tremendously grown causing unaccounted entry into the nation.


In such special instances, the said Filipino expat must get his/her contact numbers verified by overseas labour office for membership purposes. It is an immunity given, an exception provided to returning expatriates.

The three major exceptions include expats hired by international organizations, member of diplomatic corps and sea-based recruitment agencies. If the government sees fit, it may extend the ban. At the moment, investigation is underway to unearth the number and names of illegal Filipinos immigrant in the country.


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Source: Khaleej Times

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