This Saudi Guy Bailing Out A Pakistani Driver From Death Row Will Make You Tear Up.

Saudi Arabia is one of the places that anyone dreads to be on the wrong side of the law. Unfortunately, Rustam Khan, a driver from Pakistani found himself in the dark prisons of Saudi. In an unfortunate accident, he caused the death of military personnel, about 12 months ago in Taif.

The drive was struggling with the meager wages to sustain his livelihood and he had no hope when the court ruled that he should pay SR 250,000 as blood money. This shattered all his hopes of being a free man again and he made a video, where he made an emotional appeal to well-wishers, to help him. He was willing to sell his kidney, just to be able to raise the money required.

In a fluky twist, the clip hit social networks and in a short while it went viral. Shortly after, there a video clip on social media, where Fayez Al-Malki, a Saudi actor made an announcement that a good Samaritan had come through and would pay the whole blood money that Rustam Khan was supposed to pay. The person who had offered the help, wanted to remain anonymous.

The video continued to show Al-Malki counting and giving the money to the family of Rustam. However, the victim’s parents declined to take the money, which was later given to the kin of the dead military personnel.

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This has become a common trend, when many Saudis have shown generous gestures to desperate people. Just a few days ago, there were people who mocked a street cleaner, from Bangladesh, who was staring at jewelry accessories displayed in a store that sell gold.

Shortly after, generous Saudis granted him so many gifts in the form of jewelry and smartphones. This is the kind of world that everyone would be happy to live in.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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