Pakistani Father Finally Performs Haj Pilgrim After 45 Years, Thanks to His Son’s Sacrifices

A 98-year-old man from Pakistan had a dream of performing Hajj. Gratitude to his son’s strenuous endeavors, Haj Noor could satisfy his desire of the pilgrimage in his lifetime.

Noor stated that his only child worked steadily for a long time to be able to put something aside for the Haj, as indicated by a Saudi Gazette report.

Noor, who got married when he was just 20, however, his son was conceived when he was close to 60.

“The years and life troubles have troubled me however I never lost any expectation of doing Haj one day,” he said.

After his son grew up and understood his dreams, he promised to bring him and his mother to Haj regardless of the cost.

“My son has fulfilled his promise. He worked hard all these years to save money that would enable me to come for Haj,” he mentioned.

Sadly, Noor lost his wife five years back. “In the event that I lived for some more years and Allah gave me cash, I would do the Haj for her,” he said.

“The only thing that bothers me is that I have come to the Haj without my wife though we shared this dream together for so many years,” he added.

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