An Ultimate Order from the King of Saudi : No Discrimination Between Citizens and Expats, Allowed!

Order from the King of Saudi: The delegates from the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) President Mufleh Al-Qahtani apprised King Salman about the implementation of laws and of the improvement of laws concerning human rights in the Kingdom. The main purpose for this is for the two societies to come up with expat rights similar to Saudis. In the said meeting, King Salman made an emphasis on protecting human rights based on Islamic jurisprudence. Furthermore, he mentioned the need to address basic human rights issues equally for both Saudi nationals and expatriates.

The Sunnah and the Sharia is at the core of Saudi Arabia’s human rights policies. The Kingdom is willing to apply the human rights charter which was prescribed by Holy Prophet PBUH. King Salman made a promise to the delegates that there will be no discrimination between expats and Saudi nationals in Saudi Arabia. The King mentioned how the law protecting human rights are based on the Hadith and the Quran’s golden principals which were applied during the time of war. The Imam or the Islamic Ruler put consultation and justice at the Islamic State’s core.

Currently, expatriates are struggling in Saudi Arabia despite the difficulties in their employment as 85% are involved in casual labor. As many expats perform basic jobs in the Kingdom, they contribute to its success and deserve the same level of human rights and basic necessities that Saudi nationals enjoy. As the Holy Land’s custodian, King Salman emphasized his concerns on the peace between all residents of the kingdom, nationals and expats alike. He added how the government under his administration is intent on providing fast and inexpensive justice to all residents as he is a firm believer of freedom of expression, one of the beauties of Islam and a basic right of every resident.

Among the basic reasons why expats resent the government is discrimination and division as seen from natives and various sectors. Hence, there is a need to promote impartiality to have peace and justice and to create the same kind of welfare state as the one established by the Holy Prophet PBUH in Madinah after he migrated. He expressed a deep interest in the prosperity and the establishment of private organizations such as NSHR and similar bodies to monitor all offenses that violate human rights.

“The foundation of the State is based on adherence to the Islamic Shariah, which calls for the protection of human rights. The rule of our country was established on the basis of justice, consultation and equality. The State’s systems are integrated into the protection of rights, achievement of justice, guaranteeing freedom of expression, impartiality and addressing the causes and reasons of division,” the King said. “All citizens are equal in rights and duties, and the Basic Governing Law states that the State shall protect human rights in line with the Islamic Shariah.”

King Salman said that judiciary is in the forefront of the government bodies concerned with the protection of human rights.

“The Kingdom’s regulations have emphasized the independence of the judiciary that guarantees justice for all citizens and residents. Out of the keenness to protect human rights within the framework of the Islamic Shariah, the State has established the Human Rights Commission.”

Basically, the meeting pointed out the discrepancy in the human rights between Saudi nationals and expats. Both groups are treated as pioneers and they have equal contribution to the creation of an Islamic state that is peaceful with the Sharia. The King gave the officials satisfaction by giving assurances that Saudi Arabia’s judicial system would never be compromised or undermined.

h/t: Al Arabiya


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