Oman Announces New Visa Rules for Tourists

Oman is a major attraction, especially for foreign tourists. As such, over time, the country has had to tighten its reins on the tourists that come and go to ensure that no one is left in the country illegally. It now seems that these reins have been loosened just a bit, in a bid to better cater to the tourists.

As opposed to former regulations, tourists can have a four week continuous stay in Oman without having to renew their visa (previous regulations allowed one to stay for three weeks only at a time).

This is according to the new regulations posted by the Royal Oman Police that allow tourists to have a visa valid for one year that allowed the tourist to enter the country several times in the year, and stay for as long four weeks at a time.

This one month stay shall be granted by the “competent authority” whereby the visa holder is allowed to enter the Sultanate at any time during the period when the visa is valid and can even extend the validity period of the visa for another year.

This visa offer is extended to the Sultanate’s nationals at their request as well as its international representatives.

The citizens of the following countries will be offered E-Non sponsor tourist visa: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Panama, Salvador, Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, The Maldives, Iran, Turkmenistan, Honduras, Mexico, Armenia, Bosnia, Georgia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Laos, Nicaragua, Albania, Peru, Costa Rica and Belarus.

Source: Khaleej Times

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