Newly Graduate Expats in UAE Are Having Hard Time Finding Positions Suiting Their Educational Background

It is hard to say of it the education standards that have dropped or just if the job opportunities are few but it has become practically impossible to find a job in your field of study. Funny thing is, you can find two people who are working in each other’s field of study but if they tried to switch jobs, 75% chance is that the employers would not take them in. what’s the mystery here? This is the question many are currently asking.

Take for example, Hemant Odhrani who is an Indian student with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing that he attained a couple of years ago. So far, Odhrani says he has struggled to find a job in his field to no avail. He gave up and started looking for practically any job that would take him with his qualifications. Still, the harvest was meagre.

For the most part he says, many companies did not see a need for a Public Relations specialist and thus did not give him a job. After a number of rejections, Odhrani found himself feeling like his degree was of no value whatsoever. He adds that his inability to speak or write in Arabic may have added insult to the injury. He is currently taking on his masters outside the country but says he is sceptical about coming back to go through the same job-searching ordeal.

“After multiple failed attempts while job hunting for one year, I was willing to settle for a job even outside of my field. I had a tough time finding anything at all. I tried emailing HR at companies, which I think is a tactic that never works, and also tried to find a job which wasn’t related to my degree at all,” he said.

“It then became such a huge issue I felt as if my degree wasn’t worth it at all. Public relations is not given much importance here as many companies think that it’s not necessary, which also might be the case. The other issue might be not knowing Arabic.”

Ayesha seems to be a testament to Odhrani story. Ayesha is an interior designer with a degree in the profession. She, like Odhrani, has found it impossible to find any work in her field. She states that all the employers she has met demand for experience but have little they want to do with entry level employees. The question that many newly graduated students ask is, how are they to gain this experience if no employer takes a chance on them and hires them? Her cry and request is that employers start to consider hiring entry level employees.

“Employers aren’t hiring and if they are, they are not hiring new graduates. They want experienced people. Maybe there isn’t a high demand of jobs in the field I have chosen, but for the few opportunities that are out there, employers need to think about ?entry level professionals as well,” Farhaan said.

“I am looking for jobs in other fields that are accepting entry-level employees. I worked so hard trying to get my qualifications and now I can’t even work in the field of my choice. Maybe if I freelance, I can continue doing what I love, but I will not be able to pay all of my bills with that.”

She is currently looking for any job, even outside her field in order to pay her bills as even freelancing would not enable her to pay all of them. These are not unique stories. We’ve heard a lot of them. However, the question is, where do we really start? Do we go back to our country to get the experience? Swallow the pride and just take any job there is?

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