Mysterious Stone Structure in Saudi Seen From the Air

Massive lava craters, weirdly shaped rock structure and many unidentified landmarks were discovered in Saudi Arabia. An Australian archaeologist named David Kennedy who has reported seeing these marvels earlier on Google map could not hold his horses as he took a helicopter ride above the area to witness the mystery first hand.

“Seeing it from 500 ft. is so much better” said the Australian Archaelogist. To get a better glimpse of the site, an online satellite image was taken that unveiled 400 stone gates. Various assumptions were made relating to the stone gates. Many historians and aged civilian believe that stone gates were used to trap animals.

What made the tour all the more interesting is when David was invited and given a chance to take an on-foot expedition of few of these peculiar sites. A three days trip made for a memorable experience. It was astonishing for the eight men who accompanied David.

Universities and research institutes are on the move to unearth the secrets behind these mysterious discoveries. David Kennedy was bitten by archeological bug when he was ten years old. A Christmas present in Britain sparked the flame for pursuing his interest in Archaeology and history.


Source: Arab News

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