Muslims Beat White Girl Unconscious, Now She Has One Question For Liberals

Muslims Beat White Girl Unconscious, Now She Has One Question For Liberals
After a 15-year-old white girl was beaten unconscious by a group of teen Muslim migrants, she has one question for liberals.

A 15-year-old white girl stepped outside of her apartment one afternoon and was suddenly attacked by a group of Muslim teens, who beat her until she fell unconscious. When the media came to interview her, the traumatized girl silenced the open borders liberals with just one question.

As Europe floods its cities with an endless flow of migrants from the most barbaric Muslim countries, they are somehow still shocked to find that same barbarity migrating with the asylum seekers. Never learning that appeasing these migrants only makes it easier for them to enforce their savage religious edicts, it’s high time that leftists are held accountable for their support of such intolerance and are made to answer for their agenda — and a good start would be for them to look one brutalized teen girl in the eyes and answer her simple question.

After suffering traumatic injuries, a 15-year-old Austrian girl is still trying to understand the left’s infatuation with “multiculturalism,” especially with a culture that wants to kill her. Celine Winkelmuller had only stepped outside of her parent’s flat in an area north of Vienna when she was the target of a hate crime. According to Express, a group of 5 Turkish Muslim asylum seekers rushed up to her and brutally beat her within an inch of her life for nothing other than her being a white non-Muslim girl.

The racist Muslims hauled young Celine off to a secluded nearby area and beat her until she passed out. After she fell unconscious, the migrants stole her cell phone and coat before leaving her for dead. Miraculously, Celine only suffered minored injuries and managed to recover quickly in a local hospital, Proto Thema reports.

Now that she’s regained her strength, the terrified teen just wants to know one thing. When interviewed by local media, she asked liberal authorities, “The whole thing happened at 4:30 p.m. That’s in the middle of the day. Can I not even go out anymore at this time of the day?

Celine has no idea that her simple question is what many Westerners are wondering as their communities are forced to resettle hordes of unvetted migrants. Like many Europeans, Celine understands that because of the refugee crisis, it’s often unsafe for them to leave their homes at night. Now, however, she points out that thanks to migrant crime, she can’t even step outside for a few moments in the afternoon.

The horrific incident echoes the assault of Patricia Montag, a 15-year-old Polish girl living in Austria who suffered the same abuse by local Muslims. Last month, Mad World News reported that high-schooler Patricia Montag was subjected to sickening abuse at the hands of her classmates. After being falsely accused of pulling a Muslim student’s hijab, she was targeted by a youth Sharia patrol, consisting mainly of teen girls.

Muslims Beat White Girl Unconscious, Now She Has One Question For Liberals
Like Celine Winkelmuller, 15-year-old Patricia Montag (pictured) was brutally beaten by a Sharia patrol in Austria.

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Viewers were shocked as video footage showed Patricia taking blow after blow and spitting out blood without any attempt to defend herself. She told police that she was afraid the beating would be worse if she tried to run, especially since she was outnumbered.

Patricia’s jaw was broken in 2 places, and she suffered lacerations to her mouth as several girls stepped up to take their turns beating her.

“I have a double jaw fracture. During an operation, the hospital inserted two screws and a plate. I can only eat liquid or slurry and take strong painkillers,” Patricia said. “The video shows only the four attackers but behind them were many more. I knew that if I fought back, I would beat me even more. I just waited till it was over.”

Luckily, all 4 girls shown in the video were arrested, although the leader of the Sharia gang is still walking free. Patricia says that a Chechen Muslim refugee named Abuu controls the gang and commanded them to retaliate against her. Authorities confirmed that the teens have been involved in several other similar cases throughout Austria.

We can expect that the cowardly liberals will not be answering this little girl anytime soon, so I’ll answer her question for them. As long as these progressive have their way, you will find it increasingly more dangerous to practice your values. Things like simply walking alone outside will be a thing of the past because Sharia law, which all Muslims are commanded to practice and enforce, doesn’t allow it. Because the left holds their fantasy of multiculturalism higher than your safety and freedom, it is you who will have to suffer for real perpetrators of intolerance.

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