Michelle Defines Skin Color & Race In Final Interview, Pisses Off Americans

In the last few days, the outgoing First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has been working to build her legacy. In line with this, she has been quite vocal and when she talked about race and skin color in America, it seems to have angered a good number of patriotic Americans.

Michelle’s remarks were made in an interview hosted by Oprah Winfrey, which is her last interview as the First Lady. While most people got bits and pieces of the interview, Dr. Laura Wright, who is one of Michelle’s avid fans, discussed the matter on Breitbart Radio. Dr. Laura Wright is also part of the White House Transition Project team.

Michelle Obama defined skin color and race in her final interview.

Michelle Obama gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, in what is her final interview as First Lady. Most people have only heard snippets of the interview, but now, one of Michelle’s biggest fans, Dr. Laura Wright, who is part of the White House Transition Project, joined Breitbart Radio to discuss Michelle’s key comments to Oprah.

Michelle talked to Oprah about race — specifically about skin color and race:

“These things that don’t matter play too much of a role in how we see one another. And it’s sad, because the thing that least defines us as people is the color of our skin, it’s the size of our bank account, none of that matters, you know this. It’s our values, it’s how we live our lives. You can’t tell that from somebody’s race or somebody’s religion.” [via Sound Cloud]

Michelle shows her true colors here. She is a hypocrite, and one of the biggest hypocrites ever. Barack and Michelle spent eight years tearing this country apart based on skin color. They helped propel Black Lives Matter, a known terrorist organization that hates whites and cops, into a huge movement that has led to police officers being killed.

As far as wealth goes, the Obamas have taken millions from donors to get where they are, they have not worked for anything. They were the perfect African-American sellouts that the leftist billionaires, like George Soros, got behind. He funded them, and they did his dirty work. They sold out America and almost destroyed it.

All Michelle Obama thinks about is skin color, race, and money. Her comments to Oprah are a pile of crap. She’s a liar to the very end. Does she really think any American is going to believe her load of lies? The Obamas don’t care about skin color? It’s all they care about. To them, everything is about the color of their skin.

Dr. Wright commented on Michelle’s legacy. Breitbart reports:

Wright added that while Laura Bush gave more public speeches than Hillary Clinton as first lady, “Michelle Obama has sort of blown both of them out of the water with a volume of public activities.”

The discussion also touched upon some of Michelle Obama’s recent comments. “She’s in legacy building mode,” said Wright. “She doesn’t have to worry about the implications [of her remarks] for months to come.”

Michelle Obama gives her last interview as First Lady with Oprah Winfrey.

No one will care what Michelle says in a few weeks. She will be a bad memory that we all are trying to forget. Her interview with Oprah went on, and she talked to Oprah about becoming First Lady, saying, “OK that was the blow back (her skin color and race). Well let me live my life out loud, so then people can then see and judge for themselves.”

After eight years, we have seen Michelle live her life “out loud,” and I believe most American’s judgment is that Michelle has been found sorely lacking as a First Lady. She helped her husband tear this country apart. America has not been so polarized by race for over 50 years.

Michelle also claims she doesn’t care about money? That’s another lie. Just wait until they leave the White House, I bet they both get million dollar book deals, but hey, it’s not about the money, either.

Great job, those Obamas have done. All they do is think about their race and their skin color, then blame others for doing it. So glad to see a bunch of losers, liars, and hypocrites like them go. Now, with Donald Trump, we can begin to heal.

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