Lost Saudi Guy in the Philippines, Begging to Go Back Home in Saudi Arabia.

Travelling out of the country can bring you to a different level of happiness, thrill and excitement. However, sometimes it can lead to misery and trouble. Just like what happened to Wessam B AlSahli, a 21-year-old Saudi guy who got lost from his hotel in the Philippines. He got noticed by netizens and now virally shared allover Facebook.

Wessam traveled to the Philippines and got lost. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the hotel’s details and apparently forgot its name. He is now currently living on the streets of Gumaong East, San Jose, Del Monte Bulacan Philippines. Luckily, he is found and taken good care by a good-hearted Filipina, Rev Calilap.

The post went viral on the 28th of September which could mean, Wessam has been lost for a while. Rev is now asking the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia to help them find the relatives of Wessam, and for him to immediately and finally go back home.

If you are from Saudi and reading this, you may want to get in touch with Rev Bautista Calilap. Details are indicated below:

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