Lebanese Man Loses Dh101,000 in Fake Tinder Date With Woman in Dubai

A Lebanese salesman working in Dubai met a European girl on the popular dating app Tinder. He fell heads over heel for her and couldn’t wait to meet her. So they mutually set a date. Both decided to meet at the lady’s apartment where she promised her a mind-blowing massage.

On the said date, the man reached her apartment but was greeted by a Nigerian woman. She invited him in and told him that the lady he was looking for is inside her room. As soon as he walked in, another Nigerian lady approaches and locks the door behind him.

He is sternly asked to give up his money, cards and other precious belongings. Three hefty man confronts and physically assault him till he gives in. They take Dh 800 from his wallet and steals Dh 101, 000 from his two debit cards. The victim was threatened to give his PIN.

Finally, as they extorted him, he was free to leave under the condition that he won’t inform the cops. Cleverly agreeing with them he escaped the premises but immediately informed the police. The gang was arrested shortly after the complaint except for one lady.

Source: Khaleej Times

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