Kuwait Kafala System ‘Causing the Rise of Hatred Language and Discrimination

A Kuwaiti rights group Wednesday called on the country to abolish its “kafala” system for expats which has long been criticized as a form of bonded labor or even slavery.

In its 2016 annual report, the Kuwait Association for the Fundamentals of Human Rights called for “abolishing the current Kuwait kafala system and replacing it with rules according to international standards.”

The rights group also expressed concern over the so-called administrative deportation of thousands of foreign workers every year.

“The association demands that no foreigner is deported out of Kuwait without a final court order,” it said.

The report criticized the segregation of Kuwaitis and expats at public health centers, saying it was discrimination on the basis of nationality.

The association warned of the growing “language of hatred” against foreigners.


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Source: Arab News

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