10 Intriguing Puzzles With a Surprise

Logical puzzles are a great workout for your brain — they make the mind work more than anything else!

Expat Vine has prepared some puzzles for you to try out. And there’s a bonus at the end for the most attentive among you







puzzle quiz riddle



puzzle quiz riddle







puzzle quiz riddle



puzzle quiz riddle



puzzle quiz riddle



puzzle quiz riddle


Bonus: Can you find a car in 10 seconds?

puzzle riddle


  1. Your surname.
  2. The match.
  3. 20 dollars.
  4. A person: on 4 legs in infancy, on 2 as an adult, and with a stick when old.
  5. Under a wet one.
  6. The more polite one.
  7. The hot air balloon being carried by the air current is moving in exactly the same way as the surrounding air. Therefore, the flags won’t flutter in any direction, just like when the weather is calm.
  8. You should light the first cord simultaneously from both ends. This way you’ll get 30 minutes. At the same time, light the second cord from one end. When the first cord has burned out (30 minutes), light the second one from the other end too (remaining 15 minutes).
  9. 14 (cock-a-doodle-doo!).
  10. There is no answer per se, but you can learn a lot about the key priorities in the life of the person giving the answer.

Bonus: Here is the car

here is the car riddle can you find

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