How to get your wife and child to UAE? – Visa for expat’s family

If you’re working in the UAE and draw monthly salary of AED 4000, then you’re in for a treat. The ministry allows you to get your wife and children at this salary, this is according to the published report of Al Khaleej. Don’t be disappointed if you’re at AED 3000 cap because you’re also permitted. However, accommodation in the latter case must be a part of the compensation structure.

Recognizing the need of people living away from family in UAE, the ministry came to this resolve.

What’s even better is that you can sponsor your parents to stay with you as well. It’s an icing on the cake, but the caveat being AED 20, 000 monthly salary.

You may find the details for the same on the ministry’s official website.

Ordinary requirements such salary forms, labour card & contract, attested marriage certificate along with birth certificate of the child, attested tenancy contract and Emirates ID must form part of your typed application form.

The only point you must remember is to make sure the attested documents are made in your home country and cross-referenced to the relevant ministry in UAE.

Validity for the family visa lapses in case the sponsored family member stays above 6 months out of India.

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