12 Body Signals that Indicate High Stress Levels

High stress levels: We all have a body system that is unique and functions like some sophisticated machines. The body is wired in such a manner that it reacts to both internal and external pressures. We came across a very interesting theory from Dr. Susan Babel, who is a psychologist, specializing in matters that relate to depression. She talks about body signals that show out level of stress.

From Dr. Babel’s theory, we have been able to pick up some useful information and we will share some of the key indicators of stress and the possible coping mechanisms. According to Dr. Susan, pain and discomfort are some of the key indicators of anxiety. This is mainly as a result of unresolved issues and secret fears. When you have severe pains, without any physical injuries, it is an indication of emotional issues and it is a sign of stress.

Here are some of the signs that you should be concerned about:

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