World’s Ex-Heaviest Woman Alive, Dies in Abu Dhabi

Eman Ahmad Abdul Atti, who was at one time the world’s heaviest women, passed away on Monday morning.

The shocking incident happened just weeks after Eman celebrated her 37th birthday with her mom, sister and niece at Burjeel Hospital, where she was admitted on May 4.

However, throughout the months, there had been great indications of improvement. From raising her arms to being able to hold things as well as feeding herself, Eman and the hospital center were winning the fights.

On July 24, Eman in her beautiful red dress wheeled out of the first time during an interview, put forth a defining expression with her glowing smile. It was an entire turnover of a person who was depressed, couple of months back.

A month ago, there was a first outdoor experience planned for Eman, however, it was drop because of bad weather conditions.

Nonetheless, there wasn’t any indication of inconvenience as her birthday was marked not long ago where she enjoyed a slice of cake as well.

In any case, Doctor’s at the hospital noted it wasn’t sudden unforeseen development that caused her death, however, things were not fine over the past few days. Eman finally gave due to heart and kidney complications, they stated.

Burjeel Hospital medical director Dr. Nabil Debouni said every ‘necessary procedure’ were taken by the specialist team, however, Eman couldn’t be saved.

“We had given all possible care. She had shown good improvement but then gradually lessened and her condition deteriorated. Eman was shifted to intensive care unit and we took all necessary steps but she couldn’t be saved,” Debouni told our reporter.

Eman was moved to the ICU on Sunday morning yet regardless of best endeavors and expertise couldn’t live to see Monday’s dawn.

The death recorded at 4:35 am, was following complications from the underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

Debouni as the medicinal director of the hospital led the 20-member specialist team that was treating Eman.

“We are not just offering services to Eman but to her family too. At this moment, they too are under our care. This is a sad time for them and we are with the family,” Debouni mentioned.

In any case, Debouni discloses that there were no surgeries done on Eman.

“Truly, we had made those announcements at the press conference (on July 24) but there were no surgeries done on Eman,” Debouni said referring to the three-step treatment plans revealed disclosed by chief medical officer Dr Yassin El Shahat.

The second phase of treatment was set for mid-August but Debouni said thus far it was continuous care that was provided to Eman.

Debouni added “It was a continuous process ever since Eman was brought under our care. It is unfortunate that she is no more but we tried our best.”

The hospital had set a 100-kg mark for Eman to accomplish. In any case, it wasn’t intended to be. Also, now it’s a travel back to her country origin of Egypt and to her birthplace of Alexandria.

Debouni revealed that the procedure to repatriate her body back to Egypt has begun.

“We are awaiting necessary approvals and once done, we will transport the body; adding, at the moment the important thing is to provide support to Eman’s family,”

Eman once weighed 500kg yet has left a whole country with a heavy heart.

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