Gone Are the Days When Saudi Driving License Was Handed out Like a Flyer

Director General of traffic Department, Mohammad Abdullah Al-Bassami has taken the nation aspiring drivers by surprise. He has revoked the immediate issuance of driver’s license and mandated the authorities to offer a training course prior to licensing the driver.

Initially, the application process almost always guaranteed a license to every candidate. To promote road safety and regulate the process, a course has been prescribed. There are two types of courses; a 90-hours course for first time drivers and a fast-track 30 hours for intermediate level drivers. The latter obviously extends to seasoned driver who do not possess a driver’s license.

Lastly, for anyone who wishes to become an ace-driver before taking it to the streets can opt for 120 hours course. A step that surprised many but makes for a good cause in the long-run. Mohammad Abdullah was quoted saying this in a press statement to Saudi Press Agency.

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Source; Arab News

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