Gang of Rapists Get 52 Years in Prison and 7,000 Lashes

Gang rape victim in saudi arabia: Rape is a serious offense and should be punishable, by nothing less than a death penalty. According to the Islamic teachings, any offense that affects a person or the society at, large should be punished by a death sentence.

In general, Islamic beliefs regard women highly and seeks to ensure their dignity and safety is achieved at all times.

The Quran continually teaches men to treat ladies with compassion and equity. Assault is a heinous act, which tends to destroy the life of a woman and tarnish her reputation in the community.

Recently, four people were sentenced, by the Saudi Court, to 52 years in prison for raping a woman, in the presence of her spouse and their young daughter.

According to the reports by the AL Riyadh paper, the four men were comprised of 1 Sudani and 3 Saudis.

The Criminal Court in Jeddah also punished them with 7,000 lashes, collectively.

There was a 17-year old Saudi in the gang, who was given a jail term of 17 years and 2,500 lashes, which are to be administered in 50 sessions. The other two Saudis were sentenced to 15 years in prison and 1,500 lashes, each, in 30 sessions.

As for the Sudani, he was locked up for 5 years and will also get 1,500 lashes. The combined sentence is 52 years and 7,000 lashes for the four men.

In a sad account of the activities, the court heard that the gang forced their way into an expatriate’s house and tied them using electric wires.

At this point the tore apart the expat’s wife and raped her, in front of the husband and child.

Eventually, they made away with SAR 10,000 and 8 mobile phones. As if this was not enough, they came to the house on a different occasion carrying knives and raped the lady again.

The accused men pleaded guilty and more evidence was also gathered from the neighbor, doctors and other experts.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the safest places for anyone to live in.

In most cases, even when one is in the developed countries like the USA and France, there is some level of insecurity, which is not the case in Saudi.

The country has worked hard to ensure that all the resident feel safe in their homes, as well as when they are outside, going about their daily activities.

The severe punishments contribute significantly to the high security standards in the country.

The courts work tirelessly to ensure that justice prevails at all times and is applied without any bias or racism.

Even the ordinary citizens have won cases against very influential people and this is a proof of a functional legal system. The law does not spare anyone, even if they belong to the royal lineage.

The Kingdom practices the true teachings of Islam and that is why you will agree with scholars who say justice is what denotes the Islamic religion.


Source: Gulf News

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