Breaking: 3 dead, 335 rescued From Flooded Areas in Saudi Arabia

Three people died and at least 335 people were rescued in the past 24 hours after rain and floods hit parts of the Kingdom on Wednesday.

The Directorate General of Civil Defense said there were two deaths in Makkah and one in the capital Riyadh.

Those rescued were 302 in Riyadh, two in Makkah, three in Jazan, two in Tabuk, 21 in the Eastern Province and five in Asir.

Most of the rescued were people trapped in their vehicles. Some 330 vehicles were retrieved from water-logged areas. He also said 119 families were given alternative shelter due to bad weather.

The call centers in Riyadh, Makkah, Abha, Tabuk, and Asir received 978 calls for assistance, which included 510 communications to the center in Riyadh.

Civil Defense also alerted citizens and residents to take precaution due to weather fluctuations affecting some parts of the Kingdom. The official urged everyone to comply with the public safety instructions and guidelines, stay away from moving objects during the wind and rainfall, avoid open spaces, take caution while using a mobile phone, and keep away from pools of rainwater. He requested the public to contact 978 for any emergencies regarding the inclement weather.

Seyed Hamid Moulana, a business executive, said the rains in Riyadh devastated a part of Al-Faisaliah district, where all business activities were paralyzed and many warehouses flooded.

“The damage caused by this short-lived heavy rain to this important business hub in the capital is immense. The roads remained impassable and many workers are stuck in their work places.”

The Civil Defense in Makkah said it will implement its second safety campaign this year titled: “Safety in Sites Under Construction,” with the participation of a number of relevant government agencies on Thursday.

The campaign aims to make sure that procedures and standards for occupational health and safety are applied in those locations to reduce risk and resulting painful incidents, as well as to ensure the availability of public safety requirements at sites under construction.

Col. Ali bin Khadran Al-Montashari, director of Civil Defense in the holy city, said the campaign is the second phase of the operational plan of the department, and it targets sites under construction to make sure that such sites observe the rules and regulations of public safety, and to correct any violations.

Source: Arab News

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