How to Find Items Lost in Any of Dubai’s Public Transport

Losing a valued item on public transport can be so frustrating. The fact that you do not know if you will even find it again makes it even worse since anyone on the bus, train or taxi could have picked it up as their own. Well, the residents of Dubai need not worry about this anymore.

You can now report losing any personal item on any public transport means in Dubai through a call center. Note that as long as you have lost an item, any personal item really, be it a phone, your wallet or even your ID, you are eligible to use the service. All you need to do is:

i. Call 8009090
ii. Provide the customer attendant with the following details:
a) The vehicle’s side number
b) The number plate
c) Time of trip and your destination
d) The amount of fees you paid during the transit
e) Then finally, your description of the item lost
iii. The team then searches for the item through a system according to your description

That’s it! You will then be contacted once the item is found. The service is free of charge and runs seven days a week. For more information, kindly visit their website.

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