In Reality, How Long Does It Really Take to Find a Job in UAE?

Aside from your performance and past track-record, patience also plays a vital role in getting a job in the UAE.

This is because after you have applied for a job, the procedure of hiring takes over 5 weeks on average (around 35.8 days), as indicated by a new report.

A survey by Glassdoor shows that the employing procedure in the UAE is one of the ‘slowest’ worldwide, while hiring in India taking below than half of that time.

In the UAE, it takes over a month for the employers to hire the ideal candidate. In nations like India, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Spain or Canada, you need to wait less when compared to the UAE – to land a job after sending your CV.

Also, you have to endure the long waiting time calmly before you are selected – that is if you meet the entire job requirement.

According to the survey, the quickest hiring is in India, where you can get hired in just 16.1 days. The longest is Brazil, where it takes up to 39.6 days to get hired.

The Glassdoor survey is based on feedback from 84,000 respondents.

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist stated that

“The longer it takes to hire, the greater the productivity loss for employers and the longer money is left on the table waiting for potential candidates.”

The reason for the long hiring process in UAE is truly because of the tremendous number of job applications that might turn up for any given job – truly, it takes time to sort, shortlist, conduct screening and interview available candidates.

Thus, in case you’re in the market for a new job, accept our 2 fil of advice: Have Patience.

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