Doctors Who have Spent 10 Years in Saudi Can No Longer Renew Their Iqama

What will happen to the expat Doctors in Saudi? There are so many changes that are happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in preparation for the Vision 2030. Some radical changes are being implemented and this may affect some people in a positive or negative manner. If you want details of the Saudi Vision 2030, you can search for the information online and you will get a clear picture of what is expected.

In line with this, last week there were major changes within the government and reshuffles were made for the senior positions. All these changes are considered to be geared towards the Saudization process, which started a while back in the KSA. If you are not conversant with Saudization, this is a process, through which the Kingdom seeks to reduce the number of expatriate workers and give opportunities to the Saudi nationals.

There are claims that have come from credible media houses, both local and international, about some changes in the Ministry of Health. A reliable source in the Ministry has also confirmed that an 11-point plan has been accounted by Tawfiq Al Rabiah, the minister of Health. The main objective of the plan is to realign the Ministry of Health and restructuring it for better service provision.

According to the information on Al Arabiya, a local website, the newly appointed minister want to digitize all the procedures so as to improve on the efficiency of the management of all the government hospitals. All the procedures will be converted to electronic format. All the doctors and medical specialists will not hold any administrative posts, according to the new 11-point plan that has been tabled by Tawfiq Al Rabiah, the Minister of Health.

The main responsibility of all the medical practitioners and specialists will be focusing on their area of qualification, and management of the hospitals is not part of their expertise. The report mainly targets specialists, consultants, medical practitioners and doctors who are of foreign nationalities and work as expatriates. This is the main focus of the new report that has been issued by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to this, the plan will also seek to deny all the expatriate doctors and specialists, renewal of their work or residency permits, commonly known as Iqama. This is applicable to the expatriates who have been in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years.

The expatriate consultants who have been living in Saudi Arabia for more than 15 years will not be allowed to get a new work or residency permit as well. In addition, all expatiates in the medical fields will not hold any management positions in all government hospitals and those that are managed by the government.

Efforts by top media houses to reach the Ministry of Health to verify these claims have not borne any fruits. No official or any spokesperson from the Ministry of Health has given any remarks regarding this 11 point plan. In a strange twist, the Al Mowaten site has quoted sources that have refuted the existence of such a plan.

Source: Arab News