Here’s What You Need to Know About Printing Exit Re-Entry Visa in Saudi

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you no longer need to bear a hard copy of your visa as everything is now available online in Saudi Arabia especially when leaving KSA. The only time you may need the hard copy is in your home country while trying to come back to Saudi. This has been proven by the admin himself, who stated that he was asked for his visa while coming to the kingdom but was not asked for it while leaving. Passport and tickets are all OK.

This advancement, however, has its downside as many are now incapable of printing exit re-entry visas for their dependents and family members because that option no longer exists in the MOI site. All one gets as a confirmation on the website is the message “The Exit Re Entry Visa is successfully issued and sent to Passport Department systems. You need not print the visa to show at immigration offices.”

On the other hand, this works out to the advantage of many expatriates as they no longer need to worry about losing or forgetting their exit re-entry visas, as long as they are in the Kingdom. The visa is now safely tucked away in the MOI system and available when needed so you can rest easy.

This being said, there are still some expatriates who, not quite assured by the fact that they do not need the physical piece of paper, are printing the exit re-entry visas through this website.

This, they claim, is in an effort to ensure that they have the visa while coming back since they will be asked for it in their home countries. As such, it is quite safe to have it with you as opposed to not having the option of coming back since you relied on the technological advancements of the kingdom.

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