2 Ugandan Prostitutes Robbed a Pakistani Vendor Worth Dh47,100 After Paying Dh15 as Payment for Sex

A 29-year-old Pakistani vendor, who got robbed of Dh47,100, which belongs to his workplace, has been sentenced to a half year in prison on the charge of having illegal sex.

Public prosecution records revealed he got robbed by a 27-year-old Ugandan sex worker while having sex with her. The prostitute took advantage as he was busy and stole the cash from his shirt.

The Court of First Instance requested the vendor be deported after completing his prison term. However, the two ladies have already been deported after being found guilty of engaging in prostitution.

The money stolen belongs to the man’s workplace.

The vendor stated during the investigation that his manager instructed him to transfer some amount to Pakistan at a money exchange office in Iyal Nasser in Naif range, on March 8, 2016.

“I parked my car and was strolling to the office when I saw a woman on the street the city. She winked at me, the vendor revealed.”

He admitted of knowing that she was a sex worker and agreed to have sex with her. “She charged me Dh30 and after agreed for Dh20,” he added.

Upon her demand, he went to her flat which was in the same building where she was waiting.

“I paid her Dh15 and left. But on the street, I checked my pocket and did not find the cash given by my boss.”

In the first place, he imagined that the money must have dropped when he removed his clothes.

“I went back to that flat and saw the door open. No one was there. I looked for the money in vain.” He stated.

He understood he was robbed the money by the other lady who was also there in the flat. After which he complained at Naif police station.

Source: Khaleej Times

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