These 33 Nationalities Can Exchange Their Driving Licences From Home Country in Dubai

Foreigners Who Can Get Dubai Driving Licence with their Permanent Driving Licence from their Countries

Did you know that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) allows foreigners from 33 countries to get a driving licence in Dubai, in exchange for their driving licence from their home country?

All the nationals from the GCC countries; Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are allowed to exchange their driving licences for the Dubai driver’s licence.

There are several European nationals that are also accorded this privilege and these countries include Greece*, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, and Portugal.

Canada* South Africa and the USA are also on the list of countries who can exchange their driving licences. From the Asian and Oceania region Australia and New Zealand are the countries that feature on the exclusive list.

RTA indicates that the countries that are marked with an asterisk (*) should provide a translation of their home-country driver’s licence in English or Arabic.

As for the nationals who come from countries that are not on the list, these are the steps that should be taken so as to get the Dubai driving licence:

  • Open a file and take the knowledge a road test examination and pass.
  • If you fail the test, you will be required to take 8 driving lessons before retaking the test.

The RTA launched an initiative dubbed ‘Rukhsati’ which means My Licence, in August 2015. The initiative was aimed at improving the efficiency of the road tests for the drivers, right from when the book for the test all the way to the end, when they get the licence.

This initiative allows the applicants to choose the ideal test appointments through touch screens and is a transparent manner so as to ensure that all trainees have their rights protected. The process is coordinated by the driving institutes and centres.

There are 7 new languages that have been endorsed by the RTA, in a bid to make it easier for other foreigners to get the theory knowledge that they require before getting a driving licence. The languages, endorsed are Tamil, Malayalam, Russian, Chinese, Persian, Bengali and Hindi.

Source: Qatar Day