Teenager Breaks out Into Macarena Dance in Saudi Streets; Gets Arrested

A Saudi teenager broke out into a dance to the famous “Macarena” song on the Tahlia Street in Saudi Arabia. Authorities however, did not find this amusing and actually arrested the boy, soon after the video broke out on social media. The spokesman for Makkah Police, Sabq, said that the boy’s conduct disrupted traffic and was morally wrong.

This matter was taken as far as the AL-Qureshi who confirmed that Jeddah police did actually arrest the boy, but only after going through the video feeds and “gathering necessary security information”. It doesn’t end here; the boy will be taken to the Public Prosecution due to his behaviour.
Social media has been abuzz with this story with both negative and positive reactions. Some termed his actions as “discourteous” and demanded that the boy be punished for doing this.

On the same breath, others were actually happy that the boy was arrested in order to discourage other teens from following in his footsteps.
Yet another demanded that the photographer should be charged as well since he was the first viewer but nothing to stop it from continuing.

Teenager Breaks out Into Macarena Dance in Saudi Streets; Gets Arrested

On a more positive note, other tweeters found no harm in what the boy did as he was just trying to have fun his way. Being a teenager and all, he was simply living out his youth. On the extreme, some termed him as a “hero” as he did what he wanted when he wanted; something many are afraid to try.

Teenager Breaks out Into Macarena Dance in Saudi Streets; Gets Arrested

On the reasons as to why the boy chose to dance in the streets, many suggestions have come up. Some say he was just reacting to the log holiday, others suggested he was playing his part of a challenge. The story, however, highlighted the lack of religious police in the Saudi police force.
blamed the General Entertainment Authority for organizing many dance and music festivals which may have encouraged the teenager.

Other Twitter users went as far as to call him a “hero,” something that people need in their lives.

“Some people were indoctrinated to denounce everything joyful. The kid is really a hero because he dared to spread joy in the presence of all those wretched people,” said Tariq who encouraged the teen to “dance away,” and not care about the downers.

Source: Arab News

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