7 Cyber Crimes That Are Heavily Punishable By Law in Saudi Arabia

Cyber crimes in Saudi Arabia: Social media has grown rapidly and almost everyone has a social media account like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat. The social sites are being used for all manner of reasons and you will find a good number of people expressing themselves through social media. Sadly, there have been instances when some people defamed others on a personal level.

With the growth of social media, there have been so many cyber-crimes in Saudi Arabia that have developed, including phishing, identity theft, embezzlement, blackmail, defamation to mention a few.

A large number of social media users end up committing cyber-crimes innocently and not realizing that they can be fined or land in jail. However, there are those who continue with illegal activities and are fully aware, but they think that the relevant authorities cannot trace or catch up with them.

The truth is that there are so many social media users, including public figures that have been arrested and prosecuted due to wrong use of social media. It is therefore important to note that cyber-crimes that will land you in trouble and the action that can be taken by the victims and authorities that deal with cyber-crimes.

In simple definition, cyber-crimes are any illegal activities that are carried out using a computer or any other device through the internet. There are quite a number of actions that could count as cyber-crimes, including illegal access to someone’s private data, credit card thefts, defamation, supporting terror activities and so much more. The Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law, clearly, spells what amounts to cyber-crimes and the respective penalties for such crimes.

The main objective of the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law is to ensure that computer users are able to use computers and the internet is a safe manner. This means that data can be exchanged, while utmost privacy is being ensured.

While there are so many different cyber-crimes, in this article, the main focus would be cyber-crimes that are committed through social media. The penalties for the various crimes will also be addressed in accordance to the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

A cyber-crime may happen as the main crime like posting illegal content, or it can occur as a secondary crime that supports another crime. There are tons of cyber-crimes that can be committed through social media and each crime has a penalty.

Below is a list of the main cyber-crimes that are committed using social networks. The relevant penalties and the process of filing a complaint have also been provided. There are three categories, based on the severity of each of the penalties for the crimes.

The following is a list of the main cyber-crimes which are committed by use of social media, set out together with their associated penalties and the procedures for making a complaint.

Group A:

1.   Accessing a computer or data illegally with the intention to blackmail a person or legal entity to do or stop a particular action unwillingly. 

Image result for blackmail

There are numerous people who are threatened or blackmailed through social media, especially after the criminal lands on sensitive information through illegal entry to the victim’s data.

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