Crime Drops by 15.9% in Dubai

The streets of Dubai are getting cleaner and cleaner year by year, statistics show. According to Major General Khalil AL- Mansouri, who is the assistant commander in the Dubai Police unit, overall crime has dropped by 15.9% this year.

In fact, dangerous crimes like murders have gone down by 27% in the same year, while crimes like assault have gone down by 34%.  Anonymous tips on rape and murder have actually been a record zero. Why?

Well, according to Al- Mansouri, this drop in crime is due to the fact that the police unit is now doing electronic review of criminal records which works to monitor un-solved crimes, as well as reviews the solved ones.

This enables the unit to arrest the gangs and criminals behind these crimes deterring other criminals and gangs from trying to do such crimes.

He added that the system has been so effective that it saw to it that all the murders recorded this year have been solved and the perpetrators charged.

Burglaries have also gone down by 35% this year as compared to last year. This Al- Mansouri stated was owed to the development of programmes that would prevent crimes which included providing housing security as well as positioning patrols in just about all police jurisdictions.

Al- Mansouri also added that vehicular theft has also gone down by 13% between Jan this year and September.

Source: Khaleej Times

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