4 Easy Ways to Check the Name of Kafeel and Sponsor’s ID

Do you know how to check the name of Kafeel and Sponsor’s ID? Most of the expats that work in Saudi Arabia keep asking how they can be able to the check and validate the name and ID of their Kafeel (sponsor). If you are among those who have been seeking for these answers, we will look at 4 easy ways to accomplish this.

The first option is to check through the official website of the Ministry of Interior. If you do not have the Abshir account, you can register from the website. The second option is using your Saudi visa, which is on your passport, the third is asking from HR officer or your sponsor and the fourth option is through the Ministry of Labor website.

  1. Use your Visa

If you still have your visa, which is usually stamped on your passport, you can be able to find your sponsor’s ID. On the right side of the visa, you will find the name SAJAL, which shows their name and the number next to it is the sponsor ID. Using your sponsor’s ID, you can be able to check you status in regards to exit and entry, you can also check the expiry date of your medical cover and so many other details.

  1. Using MOI Abshir Account

If you have a valid Abshir account on MOI, you can use it to check the details of your sponsor. You just need to login to your account and you will be required to verify your identity through SMS. On the dashboard of the account, go to ESERVICES and looks click on FAMILY VISA SERVICE. This will redirect you to a new page that offers the option of NEW FAMILY VISA APPLICATION and VIEW/PRINT SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS.

Click on NEW FAMILY VISA APPLICATION and you will be redirected to another page. On this page you will find all your details including the name and ID of your sponsor in the last row, as indicated by the image below.

  1. Ask your Sponsor or HR Officer

This is the easiest way whereby you just ask your sponsor for their details. If they cannot help you, ask the HR officer in your company for the same.

  1. Ministry of Labor

The MOL has a portal which can be used to verify the details of your sponsor.

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