Bride’s Face in Saudi Arabia Burns By A Whitening Cream, Weeks Before the Wedding

In a sad twist of events, a lady got her faced and different parts of the body burned recently. This is after she applied whitening cream, which she had bought from an online store. The sad part is that the woman was doing all this in preparation for her wedding, which is barely 3 months from now.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Yousef, a consultant Dermatologist and Surgeon confirmed that he received the patient with severe burn marks on her body and face.

“The patient told me that she had purchased a whitening cream through an account on Instagram. The woman said she used the cream for a month without any side effects, which started showing when she continued to use it in the second month,” said the doctor.

He reported that the patient started noticing her skin becoming darker, which continued up to the time when the skin complexion changed completely.

“My patient had no previous history of skin diseases or allergies. After running several tests and examinations on the cream, I found out that the chemical component that caused the skin mutation was not licensed in the Kingdom. However, this component was mixed with other ingredients,” Dr. Al-Yousef said.

On a sad note, the doctor said that it might take up to 5 years before the bride-to-be can recover fully from the side effects of this cream that affected her skin.

“Nowadays, there are many accounts on social media selling beauty products without proper licensing. Moreover, beauty products sold online do not give the buyer any warranty. Creating chemical solutions and mixing medical components should be left for certified and qualified specialists alone,” Dr. Abdullah Al-Yousef said, as a warning.

Source: Saudi GAzette

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