To Escape From Perish, This 7-Year-Old Rohingya Boy Tirelessly Carried Sister to Reach Bangladesh

Since August 25th when Myanmar soldiers responded to Rohingyan militant attacks, more than 500,000 have been fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries.

The living conditions for the minority has become impossible, with many fearing for their lives as well as the safety of their families. It is in this struggle that we meet young Yosar Hossein.


7- year old Hossein is photographed carrying his younger sister on his back, as he tries to tread barefoot through mad into freedom.

He, his family and a number of his cousins and two aunts walked for six days from Myanmar in order to find solace in Bangladesh.

They decided to leave Myanmar when their Rathedaung home two weeks ago, a few hours before dawn.

All they heard were loud bangs which drew them out, but not before their home became engulfed in flames that burnt it down to a crisp.

His father, however, did not survive the attack as he was shot dead as they tried to escape.

After the long trek, Yosar and his family arrived at the shore of the Naf River.

From here, they boarded an overcrowded boat that took them to Bangladesh, then walked, rode on rickshaws and on the back of tracks till they reached the house of a relative in Bangladesh on the 2nd of October.

All along, young Yosar is in his school uniform barefoot without his school shoes and socks.

He bravely carried his little sister on his back all the way, much as he originally thought she was too heavy for him to carry her all the way.


Young Yosar Hossein is a representation of nearly 83,000 of kids who have fled Myanmar with their families.



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The raid on the Rohingyan people is majorly spearheaded by Myanmar soldiers and a horde of Buddhist activists who are fully against the Rohingyans, it is assumed, because most of them are Muslim.

This had led to Bangladesh seeing the largest number of refugees it has ever seen.

Source: Khaleej Times

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