Blazing Temperatures to Reach 50°C in Some Parts of Saudi Arabia

According to an article published by Arab News, it stated that Eastern Province (and other provinces), will surpass 50°C temperature and will continue for the next week. This is according to the announcement made by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME). Are you prepared for it?

Moreover, other areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will also witness high temperatures including Riyadh, where the PME is forecasting 48°C temperature highs during the same period.

The main reason for this scorching and hell-like temperature is due to a seasonal depression in India which is accompanied by hot and dry air that will affect the weather in all regions of the Kingdom. Fascinating, right?

Now, If you don’t want to experience this hot weather, you can always go to the higher areas such as in Asir and Jazan, where the weather is forecasted to be partially cloudy with a chance of rain.

This is also to say that the coastal areas of Makkah and Jazan regions are predicted to experience dusty winds.
Ok, now that you know how the weather will look like (already felt) in the coming days, make sure that you are hydrated and always bring a sunscreen.

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