How to Get an Appointment for the Philippine Passport Without Waiting for Weeks or Months

By now, you are aware that the appointment for Philippine passport takes weeks or even months to secure.

Just like any other Philippine Embassies, “Walk-ins” (coming to the Embassy to apply for a passport without an appointment) are not highly prohibited. However, there are ways to get an appointment easily without waiting for weeks or months.

We will be sharing with you some various (ninja hack) steps to follow if you want to secure an appointment with the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh without having to wait for long. Below are the steps to follow:


1. Create 2 Accounts:

In order to book an appointment, you will need to create 2 accounts with separate emails but almost identical names. For example, one account email will be and the second account email could be (notice the similarity).

Note that all applicants are required to make an appointment online at this Link except for the following:

    • Those with Final Exit visas or are applying for exit
    • New born children (up to one year old)
    • Senior citizen 60 years and older
    • Those with physical disabilities
    • Females who are pregnant (with medical certificate as proof)
    • Those who have lost their passports and need a replacement.


2. Reserve your Original Slot Using First Account Created

The next step is to use the first account created to reserve your slot for appointment in the online system. It is stated that each applicant should reserve one slot only and that’s exactly what we are doing. Reserving only one slot with the first account we created.


3. Reserve another slot using a second account.

The second account created should also be used to secure another slot entirely as this will be used in chasing canceled appointments from the booking appointment.


4. Ensure you keep watching the Appointment Online.

Don’t just reserve slot and llog out keep following and watching the appointment online as there is every possibility that you could see some appointments that are available. Note that you will be using your second account created to do this.


5. Keep Refreshing the Web Portal

As you are watching the appointment online, keep refreshing the web portal until you see some appointments that are available that weren’t available in the first try.  Immediately you saw an appointment that is available, just book it without delay.


6. Don’t cancel the first Account

Now that you’ve book your appointment using the second account created, don’t rush to cancel the first account as there are tendencies that you may change your mind before the date on your first account.

AS you’ve learned how to book an appointment for a Philippine passport without waiting for 2-3 months or even years (lol) according to their websites, it is time to go get that appointment you have been waiting for so long.

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