90 Days Yearly Sick Leave, Are UAE Expats Entitled?

Many employees end up suffering due to the fact that they do not fully understand the law in matters pertaining to employment. By law, all employees are ENTITLED to 90 continuous or not continuous days of sick leave each year. This is not drawn from the air but from the Federal Law Act of 1980 which was drawn up to regulate Employment Relations in the UAE.

There are conditions to gaining this right, however. The main one is that you have to have finished your probation period and be a full employee.

The Act states that: “the employee is not entitled to paid sick leave if they have not completed their probation period.”

However, once the employee completes at least three months of probation and then falls ill, they are then entitled to a maximum of 90 days sick leave, whether the 90 days are continuous or not.

This leave will be broken down as:

  1. 15 days fully paid
  2. The next 30 half pay
  3. The remaining days without pay

The employee has to report the illness to their employer within two days of falling ill, and be in possession of a medical certificate from the Dubai Health Authority entitled to the employer as Article 82 of the Employment Law states. Once the employee reports the illness and provides the certificate, the employer can then have the employee medically tested to verify the illness. Once all the above is done, your employer then has no right to deny you your sick leave nor deduct your pay during the period.

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